Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The 5 Questions You NEED to Ask Before Hiring a Mover

The entire moving process can be long, complicated, and stressful, so the last thing you want to worry about is hiring an unqualified, unprofessional moving company to move you to your new home. Peachtree Movers want to make your move stress free; here are 5 questions to ask moving companies to make sure your move goes smoothly.  These questions will allow you to easily identify great companies over other companies that may cut corners to keep their prices low.

To help, we've supplied Peachtree Mover’s answers to each question.

1.) How do you select your employees?

Peachtree Movers has an intensive interview process, complete with full background checks to insure each candidate will make a successful mover. We also demand more than just athleticism and good backgrounds – moving can be very stressful so we hire interpersonally savvy people who can maintain great attitudes in the midst of challenging situations. 

2.) If there’s a problem during the move, who will be handling it? Which department, individual, or a third party?

The Moving Quote Specialist Peachtree places in charge of moves are experienced, expert movers who have received extensive training which can often lead to the proper handling of claims right on the spot, as they happen. However, if a problem needs further attention, Peachtree Movers have a highly trained, in-house Quality Control Department that professionally and diligently handles every type of claim that comes in. In most cases, claims can be handled on the phone or in person by a Field Representative.

3.) Are you (your company) a member of the American Moving and Storage Association, The Better Business Bureau, or GAMA, the Georgia movers association? Are you a certified Pro Mover?

Not only is Peachtree Movers a part of the AMSA, but we were recognized by them on several occasions. Peachtree Movers are members of the Better Business Bureau, GAMA, the Georgia movers association, and we are a certified Pro Mover.

4.) Does your company offer secure storage?

Peachtree Movers offer secure, fully insured Climate Managed storage options. Peachtree Mover’s storage comes with a detailed inventory list for easy access to specific items in storage.

5.) What makes you different from all the other movers?

Peachtree Mover’s have been a leader in the Georgia moving industry because of our intense focus on customer service, the athleticism of the crews we send out on jobs, and our years of experience. Each member of your moving crew: packer, driver, local mover, or long distance mover, is an experienced expert.

We hope that this has been helpful, and if you need a moving quote please visit us online at or call us at 404-355-8877

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How To Hire The Right Moving Company In Georgia

Hiring the right movers will save you stress, money, and your back!

First and foremost we’d like to suggest you hire us, Peachtree Movers. We have been successfully moving Georgia state residents for over 35 years and we love what we do. However, for due-diligence here are a few tips from the experts to help you find the best movers.

1. Shop around and get multiple quotes from different moving companies. This will help you find the best mover for your situation (which at the end of your research might just be us!)

 2. The cheapest moving company may not be the best choice. While most of the professional moving industry abides by federal and state laws, unfortunately there are still a few companies out there quote low and add on the extras after the move. Review the movers BBB rating to help you decide.

3. Call for an in-home estimate. The best moving companies will gladly come to visit you and assess your home to provide you with an accurate quote.

4. Make sure your moving company has the license and insurance it needs to move you legally. This one is more important than you might think, making sure your mover is legal and a member of the GAMA Georgia movers association will protect you if any issues arise.

After you've done your research you should have no problem making an educated decision on hiring your next mover. We would love to be your next mover, call us for a free quote today at 404-355-8877 or visit us online at

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Atlanta Online Resources for New Residents

Moving to Atlanta, Georgia? New residents to Atlanta have quite a lot to explore and Peachtree Movers is here to help. This growing city of over 5.4 million residents has a huge number of restaurants, boasts some of the oldest historic sites in the country, is full of family-friendly activities, and has enough sports teams for everyone to find a favorite.

Before you hit the streets to try and uncover it all for yourself, we suggest you acquaint yourself with a few of these helpful websites and online resources.

Atlanta Neighborhoods: A great way to get to know the city, this website provides a great city overview.

Walk Atlanta: This popular website is a great starting point for learning about which neighborhoods are the most walkable.

Atlanta Schools: Learn all about what schools you children can attend.

Utilities: Can’t live without these guys.

City-managed utilities
Watershed Management: Residential water/sewer service, water conservation programs, and water quality information
Garbage, Recycling, and Yard Waste: Curbside solid waste & recycling pick-up services

Non-city utilities
Georgia Power: Supplies electricity services to all Georgia residents

Natural Gas Providers
Georgia Natural Gas
Gas South
SCANA Energy
Commerce Energy
Infinite Energy

City Of Atlanta: The cities website has an extensive list of great places to visit, check it out.

Creative Loafing: You can’t spend any amount of time in Atlanta and not become aware of the great restaurant scene. CL takes a low-key approach to finding great local eateries—and has an excellent calendar of events.

Whether you eat your way through the city, view it in photographs, or earmark the best tourist sites and head out on foot, there’s enough here to keep you busy for a while. Atlanta has something to offer residents of all ages, and you’ll soon discover for yourself why local citizens refuse to live anywhere else.

If you are moving to Atlanta, or just moving within the state of Georgia, Peachtree movers can help make your move an easy one. Call us for a free moving quote at 404-355-8877 or visit us at

Monday, July 7, 2014

Garage Sale Tips From Peachtree Movers

Garage Sale Tips From Peachtree Movers
Its summer in Georgia and the perfect time to turn that clutter in the closet into cash for your next adventure! If you’re planning a move this is a great way to reduce the amount of boxes you need to pack, and to pay for your moving expenses.

Step 1:
Clean out everything! Including but not limited to

Step 2:
Organize all the great stuff you are getting rid of into one of three categories:
Garage Sale

Step 3:
Plan a garage sale party.  Ask friends and family to participate so you have plenty of items for sale and help with the customers.
Go to the bank and stock up on change for your customers.  Many people make a quick stop at the ATM before shopping, which means lots of twenty dollar bills.  Be prepared!

Step 4:
Create signs that are bright and visible with legible handwriting.  Use directional arrows on signs to help your shoppers find you.
Post on Facebook, Craigslist, and Twitter.  Use email for friends/neighbors that aren’t on Social Media.

Step 5:
Make sure all items are clean and in working order.
Hang your clothing when possible.
Coffee and doughnuts? Why not!

Now kick back and watch the clutter turn into cash! If you need help planning your next move call Peachtree Movers in Atlanta, Georgia for a free consultation at 404-355-8877 or visit us at