Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Over-packing For Your Move? Peachtree Movers Can Help!

 At Peachtree Movers we've heard our clients ask, “What is the number one unnecessary item people pack when moving?”
For most people the answer is paper,  Magazines, Catalogs, Mail, Receipts, Financial Statements, those stack of cards from last year, the list goes on!

Follow these tips to become more organized, to cut down on future paper, and to simplify your packing and unpacking:

1. Review all your paper; create a keep box and a garbage box.

2. Once you have separated the garbage review the keep box and take care of anything that needs immediate attention.

3. Purchase a scanner and subscribe to an online file hosting service like Dropbox, or use an external hard drive. Scan what you want to keep and place into organized files. Your important files will just be a click away the next time you need them.

4. Visit your bank, your gym, your doctor’s office, your student loans, your mortgage company or any other company that sends you and invoice or monthly statement and set up online/green statements.

5. Remove your name from mailing lists. Look for an email, website or contact phone number on the catalogs you receive and ask them to remove your name.

Peachtree Movers in Atlanta, Georgia wants to help you plan a stress-free move. Visit us online at for more tips and a free moving quote, or call us at 404-355-8877 for a free moving quote.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Four Tips For a Stress free Move With Kids

 Moving to a new home, apartment, or city is usually filled with anticipation and excitement, adults look forward to it. Kids on the other hand need the support and patience of mom and dad to enjoy the move.

Families with kids usually move for the benefit of the children. Larger house, yard, better schools, these are all reasons for kids to get excited. However, leaving everything they know behind can bring on feelings of anxiety, fear, and cause poor school performance, or sleeping issues and other stress related symptoms.

To help your child get past these feelings, and ensure the move will not affect them negatively; kids need reassurances from adults, and to be brought into the excitement of the move.

Here are four tips that can help kids adjust to a move, and overcome moving anxiety.

1. Get your kids to participate in the house hunting and moving preparations, so they feel part of the decision making, they will feel more empowered and in control of the situation. Let them help with looking at new housing possibilities, packing, and deciding which toys go to charity.

2. Introduce them to the new neighborhood. Visiting the new neighborhood in advance, and doing some things they may enjoy, will help them see the positive side of moving and mitigate some of the moving stress.  Making some new memories at the new playground, visiting the new school, finding  the best ice-cream in the new neighborhood, and other adventures, will help your kids have something to look forward to as they help with the moving process. If you are moving out of town, you can search the new neighborhood on Google maps street view to get a feel for it.

3. Help your children get accustomed to your new home. If visiting the new home is not possible, show them some ideas of what their room could look like. Discuss where their things will go; if you plan on repainting the new home, involve them in choosing the color.  Discuss the benefits of the new home, if it’s larger, has a bigger yard, or is closer to fun activities. Go see it a couple times before you move if possible.

4. Hire a reliable mover!  This one is easy; moving with a reliable company will help take some of the stress out of the moving process for you, and your children.  From helping plan your move, to expert packing services, to reliably moving you across town or across country, Peachtree Movers will be there for you to help save time, reduce anxiety, and guide you through the moving process to free up some of your time so you can be there for the ones that need you most.

Call Peachtree at 404-355-8877 today for a free moving estimate or visit us online at for more helpful tips.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tips For Organizing Your Moving Day

Peachtree Movers have helped hundreds of people in Atlanta move, and one thing we've learned is being organized pays off! We recommend you give yourself at least 2 months to plan and prepare your move.
Here are a few tips on how to organize your move to keep it stress free.

Schedule your move in advance

Plan ahead and you may get a better moving rate from your mover of choice. Our advice would be to book your moving day at least 6 to 8 weeks in advance.

Keep everything organized!

Get a binder or a folder on your computers desktop to keep everything move-related: phone numbers, estimates, receipts, utility providers information for old and new home, to do lists, packing schedule and more!

Craig’s List, Ebay, or Yard Sale

Have a moving sale, or donate unwanted items. When moving day comes, you’ll be glad you did.

Utility Companies
Contact utility companies in advance so you don’t have to worry about them as moving day gets closer.  Plus, it’s nice you have running water, electricity, heating, and cable working when you move in.

Start packing two weeks in advance

Unless you hire professional packers (Like Peachtree), it’s best to start your packing a couple of weeks in advance. Start with your least used items first. Label all your boxes to make it so much easier when you unpack.

Pack essentials lasts

This one seems obvious but when you get to your new home, you’ll be able to function off your “essentials” boxes for quite a bit, if you don’t get the chance to unpack right away.

The key to moving without stress is good planning and hiring Peachtree Movers. Call us for a quote today 404-355-8877

Friday, May 9, 2014

What’s The Secret To a Stress Free Move?

Some might say it’s hiring the best movers in Atlanta, others might say careful planning. We say it’s both! However, planning a move can be a time consuming task –budgeting, packing, storage, moving day child and or pet care, cleaning and repairs, having a plan can make it all run smoothly.

Peachtree Movers have extensive experience with all kinds of moves, residential and commercial, short or long distance.  We have the knowledge and resources to help you plan a successful move from beginning to end so you are fully prepared for moving day.

The friendly staff at Peachtree Movers can help! Here are just a few ways.

·         Help design a moving plan that addresses the specifics of your move and meets your budget
·         Deliver an accurate moving estimate
·         Review your moving estimate with you  and adjust it to meet your time and price constraints
·         Plan the exact time and route for the move
·         Determine and book the best suited moving crew and vehicle
·         Manage and communicate with the moving crew while the move is being performed
·         Communicate with you before and during the move to address all questions and concerns

All in all, we are here to ensure a successful and low stress move. Call one of Peachtree’s friendly moving coordinators today and let’s get started 404-355-8877 or get a Moving Quote.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Five Tips When Moving With Pets

Peachtree Movers knows you have a long to-do list to complete before moving, if pets are on the list we have a few tips to help make the move less stressful for you and your pets.

1. Gather Your Pet’s Records
If you are moving far or near from your current home, it’s always important to have your current veterinarian records. These can usually be printed out and faxed to you or to the new vet.

2. Update Tags With Your New Address
This one is easy; update your pet's tags with proper identification including up-to-date contact information and your new home's address. Pets have been known to wonder when moved to a new neighborhood so this one is important.

3. Manage Your Pets Stress Exposure
Studies show that pets can get stressed out during moves, so Peachtree movers suggests keeping them secluded from the action that can ensue on moving day. This means keeping them in a separate and familiar room or even asking a friend or family member to watch over them while we pack and move your home. If you're keeping your pet in the house while movers are present, make sure they are in a room that has already been cleared out and maybe even post a do-not-disturb sign.

4. Remember Pet Meds and Pets First Aid Kit
When packing for you move be sure to leave medications and food outside of moving boxes. If your pet is on medications, be sure to get them filled before relocating. When preparing your first aid kit, be sure to include bandages, towels and hydrogen peroxide.

5. When Traveling Protect Your Pets
If you are transporting your pet to your new home by car, be sure to use a pet carrier, as allowing them to sit in the passenger seat can be dangerous and unsafe for both of you (although cute). Pets can be a distraction when behind the wheel so a pet carrier in the backseat can help keep them calm. When flying, be sure to check with the airline so your equipment meets all necessary airline requirements.

Peachtree Movers in Atlanta is here to help!  Moving with pets can be complicated; if you have any questions feel free to call us for help or for a free moving quote at 404-355-8877. With the proper planning moving with pets can be done smoothly.