Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Peachtree Movers Atlanta Update


Atlanta. It has been Georgia's capital since 1869 and the home of Peachtree Movers since 1976. It's also the home to Georgia Tech, Georgia State University and the Falcons. This time of the year, when the air is a little crisper, on a weekend afternoon, you are bound to see thousands of tailgaters near the Georgia Dome or Bobby Dowd Stadium, both just quick strolls from the Capitol Building.

Whether you live or work in the city limits of the state capital or in one of the many vibrant suburbs of Atlanta, let our experienced team assist you with all of your moving, packing and storage needs. For a free estimate, call us at (404) 355-8877 or visit our website at www.peachtreemovers.com and complete the quote request form on the main page.


Since Georgia became a state in 1776, a total of five cities have served as state capitals. Before Atlanta permanently became the capital in 1869, Savannah, Augusta, Louisville (about 50 miles SW of Augusta) and Milledgeville (about 30 miles NE of Macon) also served as capitals of the Peach State at various times.

Construction of the State Capitol Building began in 1884 and was completed on the 4th of July in 1889. Other than the limestone, which came from Indiana, all other materials used to build it came from Georgia: marble, wood, cast iron, and of course, the gold that makes up the dome. (Yes, that's real gold!)


Here are a few quick tips to keep your canine or feline friend safe and happy during your move:

--Make sure your pets' ID tags are updated with your new address, phone number and vet information.

--Keep your pet secured inside a well ventilated carrier while you are driving.

--Pack your pet's toys, bed, litter box, etc. last so that they are the first things you unpack at your new location, in order to get them acclimated to their new surroundings right away.

--Try to keep your pet's belongings in relatively the same location in your new place. For instance, if you kept your dog's bed to the left of the sofa in your old place, do the same in the new place.
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