Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Five Tips When Moving With Pets

Peachtree Movers knows you have a long to-do list to complete before moving, if pets are on the list we have a few tips to help make the move less stressful for you and your pets.

1. Gather Your Pet’s Records
If you are moving far or near from your current home, it’s always important to have your current veterinarian records. These can usually be printed out and faxed to you or to the new vet.

2. Update Tags With Your New Address
This one is easy; update your pet's tags with proper identification including up-to-date contact information and your new home's address. Pets have been known to wonder when moved to a new neighborhood so this one is important.

3. Manage Your Pets Stress Exposure
Studies show that pets can get stressed out during moves, so Peachtree movers suggests keeping them secluded from the action that can ensue on moving day. This means keeping them in a separate and familiar room or even asking a friend or family member to watch over them while we pack and move your home. If you're keeping your pet in the house while movers are present, make sure they are in a room that has already been cleared out and maybe even post a do-not-disturb sign.

4. Remember Pet Meds and Pets First Aid Kit
When packing for you move be sure to leave medications and food outside of moving boxes. If your pet is on medications, be sure to get them filled before relocating. When preparing your first aid kit, be sure to include bandages, towels and hydrogen peroxide.

5. When Traveling Protect Your Pets
If you are transporting your pet to your new home by car, be sure to use a pet carrier, as allowing them to sit in the passenger seat can be dangerous and unsafe for both of you (although cute). Pets can be a distraction when behind the wheel so a pet carrier in the backseat can help keep them calm. When flying, be sure to check with the airline so your equipment meets all necessary airline requirements.

Peachtree Movers in Atlanta is here to help!  Moving with pets can be complicated; if you have any questions feel free to call us for help or for a free moving quote at 404-355-8877. With the proper planning moving with pets can be done smoothly.

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