Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Need More Storage? You May Have More Space Then You Know.

First things first, get rid of your clutter. Now that you have, do you still need extra storage? If you do, here are a few tips:

  • Get creative with your space, and set it up for what you really need. Most rooms can have double uses, using a dish cabinet with extra drawers for your office supplies, for example.

  • Make use of your walls. Hooks can be just right for hanging up coats and purses taking up space. Another idea is to hang tote bags on the wall to organize your loose papers.

  • Utilize the space you have. Dressers can be for more than clothes, and use the age old extra space trick and raise up your bed to slide storage boxes under it.

  • Shelves can be your best friend. Install shelving units high above entry ways for a great way to display your books or trophies while keeping them out of the way.

  • Opt for furniture with storage space. An ottoman or a coffee table that opens up for storage is a great way to find extra space.

We hope these tips help you find some extra storage in your home. If you've run out of space, consider choosing a storage company. Peachtree Movers in Atlanta can give you all the extra space you need and keep your belongings safe. Call us for a free quote today at 404-355-8877 or visit us online at www.peachtreemovers.com

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